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Millcon Group delivers cost effective building solutions using highly qualified, dependable craftsmen equaling unsurpassed value for a project that comes in on time and within budget.

Millcon Group
delivers building solutions in
wall cladding with an emphasis in EIFS and Stucco.  In addition to these cladding solutions, Millcon Group provides HVAC mechanical and General Contracting.

Millcon Group is proud to have delivered projects and project types for the following companies (since 2004):
  -  Lowes:  30 stores (29 EIFS, 10 HVAC)
  -  Walmart/Sams Club: 238 stores 64 EIFS, 178 HVAC, 14 Acoustical Ceiling)
  -  Home Depot:  10 stores (8 EIFS, 4 HVAC)
  -  Kohls:  8 stores (8 EIFS)

For a complete list, please see the Projects page.